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Post image for OpenVideoHub: Another Mobile Streaming Media Solution For The N97?

Update: This application is now Symbian signed and doesn’t require a certificate or hack by end users. What’s a great media device like the N97 without a program to enjoy streaming media. With the recently released v2.0 update I have been using the N97 more and more. While the OviStore does have a couple of […]


Yesterday, Nokia has released news and official specs of its much anticipated Nokia N900 . While this isn’t the N97 or a product that’s in the same class, I think its important to look through the specifications for this device. When I initially saw the device in a couple leaked shots a few weeks ago […]


Nokia N97 Cradle, Stand, Charger. Any Suggestions?

August 13, 2009

While the N97 has a wonderful tilt screen which gives users an excellent view of the screen while on a flat surface,  some might be interested in a more traditional looking stand for the N97. While I haven’t found a particular brand of stand, I have found a couple stands that share the same basic design. […]

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N97 OEM Housing Replacement For Scratched Screens

July 29, 2009

While I know lately there has been a lot of discussion/posts about scratches on the N97′s here at and we’ve had coverage on what can be done to protect against this.  But what happens if you were one of the many eager N97 owners that cruised nude without a protector?  While there weren’t many […]

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New Ringtones via Download Section On N97

July 9, 2009

AH! The poor forgotten download section!  How much I used to visit you in my time of boredom.  I used to prowl through each section looking for something new to install.  However with the introduction of the Ovi Store I have been checking for updates less and less.  Well for those who have been checking […]

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N97 Photo Gallery: Black vs. White

June 30, 2009

For those still on the fence about which color to purchase Ive taken some pictures of both.  Hopefully this will help.

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Syncing with Ovi on the N97

June 26, 2009

In recent years it has become quite common for users to sync their mobile devices to their computer.  This provides among other tools a great way for users to back up their information in case of a mobile malfunction.  While not always the best software, for the past couple years Nokia has been bundling most […]

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N-Gage on the N97? Updated

June 24, 2009

While it seems like any day now, N97 owners are still waiting for a compatible N-Gage client to become available for download.  The official N-Gage site does show support for the N97 (if you click on a game to trial it has the N97 listed) but without an N-Gage client on the phone the software […]

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Nokia N97 Makes It A Movie Night!

June 20, 2009

The N-series has been synonymous with media since its introduction.  The N97 is not any different,  with the large 3.5″ nHD screen with a resolution of 640×360, 3.5mm headset jack for use with any standard headset, dual speakers and 32gb of internal storage with room to expand via the microsd slot.  While in the past […]

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Nokia N97 First Impressions & Closeup Photos

June 13, 2009

It has finally arrived, the Nokia N97!  After six months of waiting, Ive finally obtained a production unit and can start sharing all the details of this beautiful unit with N97fanatics!  I wont even bother with an unboxing as I’m sure most readers have been keeping up with all if not most of the news […]

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New N97 Homescreen Video, Touchscreen Text Input

June 5, 2009 has a great video of the N97 homescreen in action. I know there are tons of videos around the internet but this one is different in that it shows the user typing without using the qwerty keyboard. You can clearly see the user using an on screen T9 in landscape mode (around the 10 […]

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Review: AAS First Impressions With The N97

June 4, 2009

Steve Litchfield from AllAboutSymbian has a lengthy first impression of the N97.  Although he has only had it for a day his accounts with the device are detailed and thorough.  He dives into the build quality of the device (discussing the hinge and keyboard in great detail) while also experimenting and posting samples of the multimedia capabilities (camera and […]

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Nokia To Update N97 Order Status Soon!

June 4, 2009

With having a firm date in place for shipment (June 25th) of its N97′s it was only a matter of time before Nokia would also have to come clean as to when they would be shipping their units.  Nokia has emailed N97 Club members stating that the phones are shipping to retailers this week […]

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