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Matt Towsey

Now I’m not usually clumsy but I have had a couple of close calls with my N97. This is quite unusual for me as I have never dropped any of my previous phones or had any accidental damage. The same cannot be said for my trusty N97. The N97’s initial brush with mobile heaven Now […]


I came across a useful app whilst trawling the internet over the weekend looking for something interesting to post on N97 fanatics. I sometimes use bit torrent applications on my pc. I use sites like Mininova and btjunkie to find what I’m looking for. It was actually late Friday that I came across an app […]


Free Theme: Darkness By Babi

September 10, 2009

I’ve recently been looking for some new themes to add to my N97 and came across this Darkness theme and another which I’ll post later. I like the pale blue used for the menu’s and the icons are a pleasant change from the norm. See below: I’ve posted a couple more pics below.

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What I’d Like To See In The N97′s Near Future

August 21, 2009

Admin Message: Please welcome Matt, the newest addition to the N97 Fanatics team. We all know what a great device the N97 is. We all love certain features but what would we most like to see from future updates to really improve the overall package. RAM & Memory Firstly the most important thing is getting […]

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